Hidden Reads – Issue 2

Welcome hunters of reading treasure and possessors of treasures. Issue 2 is an unintentional Aussie feast so enjoy our newly found Hidden Reads from Australia!

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All Self-Published Authors/Article Writers/Bloggers are now invited to submit up to three works per blog update so make sure you submit your older treasures!



Under the Bridge by Jeannie Meekins australia

Children’s novel, ~ 40 pages (e-book format)

  • Illustrated by AT Davidson
  • Self-Published through Amazon/Smashwords/Barnes & Noble/Apple iStore/Kobo/Diesel/Sony/ Oyster/Flipkart/Scribd/Page Foundry/Baker & Taylor Blio
  • ISBN no.: 978-0-9873435-2-9 (Kindle) / 978-0-9873435-3-6 (Smashwords)
  • RRP: $0.99USD (ebook)
  • Release date: March 5, 2013

“Why can’t I play footy with you?” Michael asked.
“Because I said so,” Jake answered.
“Oh, who made you boss anyway, Jake?” Kyle asked.
“Stay out of this, Kyle.” Jake turned his attention from Michael. “We’ve got nothing against you.”
“What have you got against him?”
“He’s Chinese,” Jake said, as though the answer should have been obvious.
“Chinese don’t play football.”

Life can be tough when you’re different – and school can be a nightmare. Kyle helps new kid, Michael, see the world through different eyes. Together, they show their class’s tough kids that it’s impossible to see what’s inside someone when you only look on the surface.

Available from Amazon


Soul Horizon_ebook_Final

Soul Horizon by Carole Nomarhas australia

Space Opera / SF Novella, 55 pages

  • Self-Published through Amazon Kindle
  • RRP: $0.99 AUD
  • Release date: October 28, 2013

Everyone has secrets, some secrets haunt you, some secrets can get you killed, and some secrets are far more dangerous…

The Port had a name but it was of no importance or meaning to Terras. He was an alien in this place. Hironi. A hunted creature driven to ground and last resort. On this ship which lay as helplessly caught as he, cradling him in its ruined body. Bitterly cold in its death throes. The stale air had the stink of his own fear and for a moment it threatened to suffocate him.  His hand slid greasily on the weapon. He could die sooner than of starvation. And wondered bitterly if that was not a mercy. Others had come. Come to steal. Come to kill. And now another hunter came…

Quell was a ship’s Speaker, dumped in the wrong Port at the wrong time, broke and unshipped. Even worse than that the Port had a problem and Quell was elected to solve it – get an exiled Hironi out of the Port, on a ship that was barely more than a derelict. A ship no other Speaker had been able to work.

Now Quell and Terras are both out of options and running for their lives, on a ship with secrets of its own, keeping one step ahead of their enemies, trying to stay alive – and trying not to kill each other. Be careful where you voyage… you cannot always find your way home.

Soul Horizon is a short space opera novelette of around 14,000 words. It originally appeared in a slightly altered form in the Alien Shores anthology from Aphelion Publications.

Available from Amazon


– Amazon gold-stargold-stargold-stargold-stargold-star Reviews available here.

– Blue Tyson’s Guide to Science Fiction: gold-stargold-stargold-stargold-starblank-star

– Carole Nomarhas’s “Soul Horizon” is a piece of space opera which has a rich and detailed background, and is presumably part of a series of shared universe stories, or at least I hope so… Thoughtful and exciting, with sharp dialogue and some original hyperspace theories. – Martin Livings, Fresh Ink, Eidolon Magazine, review of Alien Shores Anthology

– “Soul Horizon,” a skilfully written story of far-future space intrigue. – Robert K.J. Killheffer, Review of Alien Shores Anthology, Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction


“Day In, Day Out”

By Mathilda Burton australia



“Launching Your Book in Style (Even on a Tight Budget) – A Series Introduction”

By Porle Joen australia



“The Difference is Perception”

By Mathilda Burton australia



“Music Review – The Revolution is Never Coming by The Red Paintings”

By Porle Joen australia



“Childlike vs Childish”

By Mathilda Burton australia



“Mitcham Railway Station – Thank You for 131 Years of Loyal Service”

By Porle Joen australia



Sinister Reads


  • Sinister Reads is a project managed by the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) used to promote the work of its members.
  • Horror writers take their craft seriously and professionally – people get a thrill out of being scared, not necessarily being grossed out, but frightened by things they know cannot harm them in reality. Horror can but doesn’t have to be violent or bloody or disgusting; what it needs to do is to create fear in the reader.


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