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For those who love to read, those who love to write and those just looking for something a little different. You won’t find J.K. Rowling here, but you certainly might find a Hidden Read that you can love even more than Harry Potter!

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What is Hidden Reads?

Hidden Reads is a place to find amazing novels, novellas, short stories, collections, article, blogs, etc that have been published by Indie Publishers – AKA Self-Published authors. The purpose of Hidden Reads is to help self-published authors, article writers and bloggers to find readers and to help readers find great new authors. Authors can spend years working on their greatest achievement only to find that no one buys their work simply because no one knows who they are. The greatest masterpiece of an unknown author can not compete with the biggest piece of crap written by Stephen King (not that he writes anything crap but you get my point, lol). Hidden Reads is open worldwide for any works in any genre written in English.

How Does it Work?


  • You will receive blog updates intermittently (I envisage fortnightly to monthly at the start, weekly once we have built a league of submitting authors).
  • You will receive these updates via Facebook, Twitter, email, or WordPress depending on how you are linked to Hidden Reads.
  • The blog will tell you about some fantastic new self-published works as well as new articles and blogs available for your reading pleasure. All the links in the blog have been provided by the authors to ensure they get the full credit they deserve.
  • We encourage you to like the authors’ Facebook pages, join them on Twitter, read their articles and blogs, and most importantly, buy their self-published works.
  • We also encourage you to engage with our authors. Give them feedback, leave comments, SHARE their FB and Twitter pages.


  • You submit your self-published work, article links, blogs, etc via our submission page at NO CHARGE!
  • Hidden Reads places a permanent Author Listing for you (if you choose) at NO CHARGE!
  • Hidden Reads updates The Latest Finds page with your publication/work/blog at NO CHARGE!
  • Once there is enough turnover on The Latest Finds page, we send out a blog with all the details about your work and your links at NO CHARGE.
  • Your readership grows! – That’s the objective…. at NO CHARGE (in case you didn’t pick that up, haha)

Give Support, Get Support

We encourage everyone that reads the works on Hidden Reads to please, please, please review the works.

Porle Joen is offering to personally write book reviews for self-published authors that submit their work to Hidden Reads. This is limited to one per author. Porle Joen is offering this FREE OF CHARGE. Porle’s credentials can be seen on the “About Porle” page.

**NOTE: This offer will END on March 31, 2014. 
Only submissions received prior to April 1 will be eligible.
  • The work must be supplied at the author’s cost (only fair, yeah?).
  • The review:
    • In full shall be 500 to 800 words covering positive and negative aspects were applicable.
    • Shall appear in full on the Latest Finds page and in the Hidden Reads blog post following the advertisement of the work (delays make occur in the case of a backlog of reviews; however, we shall always strive to have the review in the following post)
    • Shall appear as a permanent link on the Book Reviews page
    • Shall appear as a link on the Author’s Listing
    • Shall be posted to the author’s stockist links for increased point of sale interest in a shortened form
    • Will be published on Wikinut.com (unless the author requests this not to occur) with links to the author’s personal sites (as provided) and Hidden Reads (direct stockist links are not allowed on Wikinut articles)
  • One review shall be written but can be posted on several stockist listings (alternatively, the author can link back to the Wikinut article).
  • Porle Joen retains copyright on the written reviews though she gives permission to authors to quote from their review on their personal pages and in publication submissions up to one paragraph of text. Any more than this will require case by case written permission; however, at any time, the author can share the direct link to the Wikinut Review article or their own stockist links with the review and on any of their other sites and social medias.
  • Reviews will be honest, but if Porle Joen feels she cannot provide a review that is at least 80% positive, she will contact the author before posting the review.

In the future, to encourage Give Support, Get Support, submissions of new Hidden Reads works will be subject to one rule. Before you can publicise your book for free, you must read and complete a review of the work of another author on the Hidden Reads blog website and send me the link. Why? Well, the goal is to help authors get their works read, so why should they not read the works of other authors? It makes sense. If you want support, you need to give support.

NOTE ** I will announce when this rule comes in to effect with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

I am a Self-Published Author, Article Writer, and/or Blogger. How can I get in NOW?

Firstly, congratulations! All you need to do is follow the blog so that you get updates via WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or Email. Next, fill in the appropriate author’s submission form here and send it to hiddenreads@gmail.com. Once received, I will let you know if it has been accepted for inclusion on the Hidden Reads page and blog. Please note, the main reasons it would not be accepted would be if:

  1.  Your work is not up to scratch (primarily an unacceptable level of spelling and/or grammar issues – we all make one or two occasionally, but 15 in 10 pages is toooooooo many!)
  2.  You do not include a link to any stockist/articles/blog (readers have to be able to purchase your book or read your work – even a link to your Amazon page will suffice)

Authors who submit now may be listed on the “Featured Hidden Reads” page. This page  is to acknowledge those authors that have supported Hidden Reads from the start. This is a PERMANENT page. For the Self Published authors, their submissions are listed in full and will remain so. For the article writers, there will be a full list of links to all of the articles they have submitted. For the bloggers, there will be a blog title and the full description as appeared on the blog. This page will grow as new authors join until I have 10 self-published works, 10 article writers and 10 blogs. Please note, this breakdown is likely to be adjusted depending on submissions.

What else does Hidden Reads have to offer me?

We have a range of links to various writer’s groups, book stores, events, publishers, competitions, etc and this will continue to grow as the website develops and evolves. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome (email hiddenreads@gmail.com). There is a Hidden Reads Bookstore where you can purchase books that will help you as a writer as well as links to helpful sites for self-published authors, article writers, and bloggers.

So come on, do it! FOLLOW NOW. 🙂

** Copyright Hidden Reads 2014, Porle Joen 2014. Subject to change without notice.

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